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Euro zone set for deeper recession, weaker rebound

The euro zone economy will drop deeper into recession this year and rebound less strongly in 2021 than previously thought, the European Commission forecast today, with France, Italy and Spain struggling the most due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Watch: Covid-19 committee hears Govt debt 'affordable'

Governor of the Central Bank Gabriel Makhlouf has told the Dáil's Special Committee on Covid-19 Response that the rise in Government debt is "warranted, necessary and affordable".


HDS Partnership provides clients with a comprehensive auditing and accounting service, which includes compliance with the vast array of Taxation, Companies Office and other statutory regulatory requirements.

The principal focus of HDS Partnership is to offer its clients practical business advice. In-house specialists provide a one-to-one approach, carefully tailoring and implementing individual solutions to individual requirements.

HDS Partnership advice is driven by a comprehensive examination of the client’s business to include banking, finance, internal controls, management information systems, organisational structures, taxation and performance reviews.

The services of HDS Partnership are of value, regardless of where a business happens to be in its life cycle, whether that be at start-up, an established business seeking to expand, a declining business in need of restructuring and management assistance, or a business which is passing to the next generation.

As business advisors HDS Partnership enables clients to add value to their business by focusing on key elements such as management, tax planning and growth.

In addition to the foregoing HDS Partnership provide the following specialist services:

  • Corporate Finance
  • Wealth Management
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Corporate Recovery
  • Litigation and Dispute Resolution

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